At the Feet of the Prayer Warriors

At the Feet of the Prayer Warriors

What Happens When I Pray | taught by Kris Goertzen
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Kris Goertzen
Kris Goertzen
Teacher & Friend

About the instructor

As you know, I'm obsessed with encouraging women to make much of Christ! Of course I am!  I've spent thousands of hours mentoring, counseling, and teaching women the Word of God. I've seen Him swoop down from Heaven and do breathtaking things in the lives of  women who were desperate for Him. And I believe you, my beautiful friend, are next on His list!

There were too many years praying and wishing God would send me a woman who would love me enough to nurture my spiritual life. I longed for a Titus two friend.  When God answered and sent me Elizabeth George nothing in my life was ever the same. I'm a completely different women from her influence in my life. I still hear her words in my head all these years later. 

My goal is to take the excellent training I've received and equip as many women as I can to serve in their churches and mentor the next generation of Titus Two women! 

If you’ve always wanted more confidence & intimacy with God,

If you wish your prayer life was consistent & meaningful,

If you’ve tried everything but still feel guilty &  confused when it comes to prayer...

THEN YOU, my friend, are in the right place!

I’m concerned that if you don’t do anything, it’ll just get worse and you’ll grow even more distant from God.

I know the loneliness and apathy that can fall over us when we don’t linger with Him. There are ugly consequences to ignoring the most precious Person in our lives. Maybe this is where you are.

  1. You miss the intimacy you used to have with Him.
  2. You miss the joy of answered prayer.
  3. You've even begun to doubt His love for you.

Most people

  • procrastinate praying
  • are confused about prayer
  • wonder why their prayers never seem to get answered
  • wonder if God is really listening

This course will give you what you're missing and help you develop the prayer life of your dreams!

We'll have 7 weeks to sit at the feet of the Prayer Warriors.  

Each session contains a 30-minute teaching video with a weekly prayer projects.

Course Contents

13 Videos
10 PDFs
16.0 hrs